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  • The Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin is a comprehensive agricultural academic journal sponsored by the Chinese Agricultural Society. It is edited by the famous Chinese agricultural scientist Professor Yin Yulong and well-known experts from more than 30 key agricultural universities across China.

    Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin is a journal included in the China Science Citation Database (CSCD 2012 edition), who is also core journals of China's science and technology, excellent academic journals of the China Association for Science and Technology, and national excellent agricultural journals. For many years, it has been included in China's core journal database, China Agricultural Science and Technology Literature Database, China Agriculture and Forestry Literature Database, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Database, International Agriculture and Biology Literature Database, Weipu Chinese Journal Database, etc. At the same time, it was distributed to relevant databases and libraries in more than 10 countries overseas.

    Features: Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin, whose main author group is young and middle-aged experts, subject leaders, doctors and masters at the deputy senior level of agricultural research institutions, focusing on the thesis of scientific research fund projects at or above the provincial level, committed to quickly report original research papers, reviews, monographs, and research briefs on basic theories and applied research in various disciplines of agricultural science.

    Columns: Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, Agronomy Science, Ecological Agriculture Science, Agricultural Resources and Environmental Science, Agricultural Information Science, Agricultural Media Science, Horticulture and Garden Science, Soil and Fertilizer Science, Plant Protection Science, Agricultural Biotechnology Science, Agricultural Engineering Science, Agricultural Foundation Science, aquatic fishery science, forestry science, organic agriculture and food science, plant physiology science, tropical agriculture science, rural energy science, agricultural history, etc.

    In addition, a macro social science column on agriculture, rural areas, farmers, and other social and economic development has also been set up-Research on Three Rural Issues.
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