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Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin ›› 2004, Vol. 20 ›› Issue (6): 282-282.

Special Issue: 水稻 农业气象

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Effect of Drought on Rice Quality

Wang Pingrong, Deng Xiaojian, Gao Xiaoling, Chen Jing, Wan Jia, Jiang Hua, Xu Zhengjun   

  • Online:2004-12-05 Published:2004-12-05

Abstract: Using 9 hybrid combinations and 4 restorer lines, the effect of continuous drought on rice quality, was analyzed during flowering, filling and seed-setting stages. The results showed that the drought reduced milling quality of rice, especially, most significantly decreased the head rice rate. The drought treatment also increased chalky grain rate and chalkiness significantly, but the effect on grain shape was not very significant. These results indicated that the drought reduced grain appearance quality. In our experiments, because the drought raised gelatinization temperature, harden gel consistency and decrease amylose content of rice, cooking and eating quality of rice should be influenced. So, It was proposed that production of good quality rice should firstly select good quality variety, meanwhile, should choose production base with both of suitable temperature and sunlight condition and good irrigation condition. In the cultivation of quality rice, field water should be managed properly during filling and seed-setting stages, in which special attention should be paid to keep field suitable water (soil moisture) in the later stage.