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Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin ›› 2016, Vol. 32 ›› Issue (35): 160-165.doi: 10.11924/j.issn.1000-6850.casb16050082

Special Issue: 农业气象

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Refined Risk Zoning of Rainstorm and Flood Disasters in Chuzhou


  • Received:2016-05-14 Revised:2016-11-27 Accepted:2016-07-25 Online:2016-12-26 Published:2016-12-26

Abstract: Natural disaster risk analysis theory, statistical regression method, GIS technology were used to draw risk zoning map of rainstorm and flood disaster in Chuzhou. Precipitation from 60 automatic stations was as to disaster causing factor, terrain height in Chuzhou was as to disaster environment, town’s population, GDP and farming area were as to hazard-affected body, economy and water conservancy measures in farmland were as to prevention capability, comprehensive risk index of the rainstorm and flood could be presented with the method of expert evaluation. The result showed that: high risk areas were located at all streets in Chuzhou; Shahe and Yaopu; Xin’an, Shiguanand the northwest part of Sancheng in Laian; Tianchang street and Yongfeng in Tianchang; Shizi, Xianghe, the southeast part of Liuzhen, the south part of Wugang and Erlangkou in Quanjiao; the center of Dingcheng in Dingyuan; Fucheng, Linhuaiguan and Zaoxiang in Fengyang; center street, Suxiang, Nvshanhu in Mingguang. With the large population density, the high vulnerability and the weak ability of disaster prevention, the above areas had high risk rate of rainstorm and flood. They had become the most important areas of disaster prevention and mitigation.