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Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin ›› 2007, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (4): 345-345.

Special Issue: 农业气象 农业生态

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Climate Change and Its Impacts in Northeast China

Ju Hui, Xiong Wei, Xu Yinlong, Lin Erda   

  • Online:2007-04-05 Published:2007-04-05

Abstract: 【OBJECTIVE】The temperature increased and precipitation decrease much during last century in Northeast China, in order explore benefit and avoid negative impacts from climate change, the review was undertaken. 【METHOD】 Many literatures in recent years were used in the analysis, concluded the observed impacts and future predicted impacts by climate change. 【RESULTS】 The results indicate that with temperature increasing, current frost disaster decrease and growth period have been lengthened that will give more suitable growth period for crops. On the other hand, climate change drive some wetland degradation and disappeared, some frost soil have been melting or lose. Future climate change will alter agriculture planting system and decrease some crop production. Forest structure and tree variety will change and marginal place of grazing agriculture will expose to dangerous of desertification. 【CONCLUSION】 Northeast China has to recognize climate change objectively, and take adaptive options for regional sustainable development.

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