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Special Issue: 小麦 农业气象

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Impact of Climate Change upon Winter Wheat Sowing and Countermeasures

Zhang Cuiying, Wang Chuanxi , Zhang Ting, Hou Yanli   

  • Received:2008-06-06 Revised:2008-06-15 Online:2008-08-08 Published:2008-08-08

Abstract: In this paper, the author analyzes the impaction of climate change to the wheat yield in Heze district using the data information collected from 1970 to 2006. Using Correlation analysis and synthesis analysis, the author find out that climate change has great impact on winter wheat growth before winter, and it greatly reduced the wheat yield the next year. It is very important to enhance wheat yield by doing research on the correlation between winter wheat yield and the average temperature during sowing- seedlings emergence time, and find the appropriate winter wheat sowing time in local area.

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