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Study on Cutting and Grafting Propagation Technology of Camellia mingii

YANG Zhuoying(), ZHANG Xing, WEI Xiaojuan(), WU Siyu, LIANG Xiaojing   

  1. Guangxi Forestry Research Institute/ Guangxi Key Laboratory of Special Non-wood Forest Cultivation & Utilization, Nanning 530002
  • Received:2022-09-26 Revised:2023-02-27 Online:2023-10-05 Published:2023-09-25


To explore the rapid clone propagation technology in cutting and grafting of Camellia mingii and realize the permanent preservation of superior germplasm resources and valuable genetic resources of C. mingii, the cutting propagation of C. mingii was carried out, and the seedlings of C. mingii were grafted and propagated with rootstock seedlings of C. osmantha, C. oleifera, C. japonica ‘Heimudan’ and C. ‘Maozi-3’, etc. At the same time, the rapid propagation experiment of C. osmantha with big stock grafting was carried out. The experimental results showed that the cutting of C. mingii was rooted from cortex, the comprehensive effect of cutting with 750 mg/L IBA growth regulator was the best. The cutting survival rate, shooting rate, new shoot length, new shoot diameter, leaf number, and the fresh weight and dry weight of the cutting were the highest, reaching 94.59%, 60.00%, 3.42 cm, 2.18 mm, 4.80 pieces, 1.83 g and 0.63 g, respectively. And the rooting rate of the cutting, the number of primary rooting, the average root length, the longest adventitious root, and the fresh weight and dry weight of root were also the highest, reaching 93.81%, 7.60 roots, 3.18 cm, 7.02 cm, 0.25 g and 0.075 g, respectively. Secondly, the effect of the cutting with 1500 mg/L IBA growth regulator was also better. C. osmantha had better affinity in seedling grafting and propagation. Its grafting survival rate, shooting rate, new shoot length, new shoot diameter, and the leaf number were the highest, reaching 94.18%, 90.52%, 11.85 cm, 4.01 mm and 7.42 pieces, respectively. C. ‘Maozi-3’ was also a good rootstock variety. The propagation effect of C. osmantha grafting on C. mingii with big stock in spring was the best, but the effect in winter was poor. Comparing the grafting tests by big pile and big pile sprout of C. osmantha, the grafting effect of big pile sprout rootstock under the shade of kraft paper was the best. The cutting of C. mingii belongs to cortex rooting type. And it is relatively easy to cut and propagate, which can be achieved by using lower concentration IBA treatment for cuttings. C. osmantha and Camellia ‘Maozi-3’ are better rootstock varieties to carry out the grafting propagation of C. mingii, and it will obtain the best effect to carry out big pile grafting propagation of C. osmantha in spring.

Key words: Camellia mingii, cutting, seedling grafting, big pile grafting, big pile sprout